Have you ever passed by an ikebana arrangement and felt compelled to stop for a moment and stare at it? And somehow you couldn’t explain why its beauty touched something inside of you. In that moment, you were experiencing the art of ikebana.

Working within this artistic genre, an arranger carefully assembles specific living materials in such a way that pleases his/her eye and has personal meaning. And at the core of the arrangement is a discipline that the artist follows.

Ikebana is an evolving art form, and over the centuries many guidelines have been added and changed as new styles and schools evolved. Our hope is that this beginner’s guide will serve as a basic introduction to ikebana and inspire you to pursue this art form further. As you learn more about specific ikebana techniques through a teacher, or sensei, your enjoyment of ikebana will be enhanced and the flower arrangements that you create will not only touch your soul but everyone who views them as well.