Tools and Accessories Used in Ikebana

Coated Chicken Wire

Use chicken wire that is coated to keep from rusting in water. When crumpled in a small or narrow vase, it helps keep stems stable in the container.


Floral Oasis

A block of hard foam that is soaked in water and holds stems in place while providing hydration for your plants. Available in different colors. Cut to fit snugly in your container.


Floral Water Tube

A clear little tube with a water-tight cap that keeps individual flower stems hydrated.


Floral Wire

Wire used to bind arrangements and add stability to some. Available in a variety of colors and gauges. Green is recommended, as it’s the most versatile color.

:Tools:Unknown copy.jpeg


A pair of sharp scissors that’s used to cut stems and small branches. Comes in different sizes with different shaped blades and handles.



A heavy metal block with sharp needle-like points that securely hold stems of floral materials in place. Available in different sizes, shapes, and heights.

Kenzan Needle Repair

A small device used to straighten the pins in the kenzan should they be bent by heavy stems or branches used in an arrangement. It is also used to clean in between the needles of the kenzan after use.


Spray Bottle

While preparing an arrangement, use the spray bottle to spritz plant materials with water, so flowers can absorb water through the leaves and stems. Can also be used to wash off any dust or debris on a completed arrangement.

:Tools:spray bottle.jpeg

Thorn Remover

Use this flexible thorn remover to easily strip off thorns from stems.


Vase Fillers

Little glass beads or polished pebbles can be used to camouflage the kenzan in a bowl and add interest to the arrangement.