Ikebana as an Art Form

Although ikebana is sometimes described as the Japanese art of flower arrangement, it is more than simply putting flowers in a container. It is a disciplined art form, where one chooses various plant materials like living branches, leaves, grasses and seasonal blossoms, applies certain rules of construction, and creates a beautiful arrangement that has a sense of harmony within the container and the setting. Within the Japanese culture, these floral arrangements are used as decorations on a level with paintings and other art objects within one’s environment.

Some schools of ikebana stress classic styles, others focus on contemporary forms, some are naturalistic, and some are blends. Each of the hundreds of schools of ikebana takes its own approach to arranging flowers. Our Sun Cities Chapter has active members within the Chiko, Ichiyo, Ikenobo, Ohara, and Sogetsu Schools.

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