President’s Message

A warm welcome to all returning members of Ikebana International (I.I.) Chapter 167! To my knowledge, this is the first time that 100% of our registered members are all a part of I.I. as well as our local Chapter. Thank you all for continuing on our journey together as we broaden our knowledge and appreciation of ikebana and the cultures of Japan.

I am so fortunate to be working with such a committed and supportive Board as well as many hard-working Committee heads, all of whom will help make our 2019-2020 year a successful one.

We are so pleased that for the first time, our chapter will be hosting Master Instructor Missei Ishikawa from Tokyo as part of our March 2020 demonstration/workshop. Go to Chapter Schedule to see our entire list of fun and innovative programs that we have planned for you.

Also, if you are reading my message, you are now aware that we have reintroduced our Chapter website (, which contains easy-to-access information on not just our Chapter but on other aspects of ikebana and Japanese culture. Lucy Samuels has graciously agreed to be our Webmaster and will update the website on a monthly basis. We hope that other ikebana chapters as well as anyone interested in ikebana will visit our website to learn more about our Sun City chapter.

Please know that the Board and I are always open to your suggestions and comments. Thank you, again, for your continued interest and support. We hope to attract and welcome even more flower lovers to join Ikebana International Chapter 167 in Arizona.